CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - 17/03/2020 11:19

Published 18/03/2020 at 16:21:14 by Michael Howard; edited 1 times, last on 18/03/2020 at 16:23:04 by Michael Howard.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - 17/03/2020 11:19

URGENT - all league matches and other activities are cancelled effective immediately.

Following the latest Government statement published on the afternoon of Monday 16th March, the League Committee has concluded that all League table tennis activities should cease for the foreseeable future, effective Sunday 15th March, meaning that any matches played on Monday 16th March will not be added to the league tables and averages, although we retain the information and will review the situation when we can.  This is to ensure no advantage can be gained from teams having played in the current week before the announcement was made.  Matches scheduled for Tuesday 17th March and later dates are cancelled.

The Top 8 events scheduled for 6-8 April are also cancelled, as are the Presentation Evening on 25th April and the League AGM on 30th April.

While this decision may disappoint many players, especially if promotion and relegation issues are undecided, it is made in the best interests of all League players, taking into account the increasing spread and the effect of the Coronavirus. Other leagues have already made similar decisions.

You may wish to check Table Tennis England's website for their latest advice.