IMPORTANT-Opening matches and Handbooks

Published 12/09/2019 at 22:37:38 by Michael Howard.

With apologies to all, the handbooks are unlikely to be ready until the end of the month, after the season has started.I have learned that putting it together is not at all as easy as Brian made it seem over several years I hope to have it ready to send to the printer after the weekend.

Matches for Premier Division and Division 1 start next week, commencing 16th September, with the opening matches for Divisions 2-6 starting in the week week commencing on the 23rd. The match schedule for each team can be downloaded from the fixtures tab. I will send out an email to all team captains with a couple of scorecards for use if they don't have spares from last season. 

Please post or email completed scorecards to both me and Chiris Welch. Can team captains from Premier and Division 1 please also send copies to Dave Wackrill so he can compile his weekly roundup. Division 2 captains can copy their scorecards to Martin Johnson so he can prepare his roundup. Any volunteers for doing a roundup for each of divisions 3, 4, 5 and 6?