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Hi all
The draw for the first round of the Knock Out stage took place this evening and produced the following fixtures, together with the handicaps:
Thur 1 Mar    OU Penguins (+20)                                          v   Gr. Crusaders
Mon 26 Feb   Mursley Swallows                                           v    OU Tigers (+30)
Tues 27 Feb  Gr. Princes (+130)                                          v    Mursley Meths
Tues 27 Feb  Stony Tennis No Strings Attached                 v    LH Destroyers (+80) 
Tues 27 Feb  MK Sharks (+70)                                            v    Mursley Swifts
Mon 26 Feb   Padbury Night Owls (+260)                            v    MK Pumas
Tues 27 Feb  St Christ. Buzzards (+70)                               v    OU Dragons
Mon 26 Feb   Mursley Strikers (+180)                                  v    MK Shambles
Tues 27 Feb   Gr. Warriors                                                   v    Mursley Magpies (+300)
Wed 28 Feb   MK Blades                                                     v    Gr. Sovereigns (+180)
Wed 28 Feb   WS Bat to the Future (+250)                          v    WS Mosquitoes
Mon 26 Feb    NP Blackadders                                            v     MK Cavaliers (+100)
Tues 27 Feb   MK Eagles                                                     v    Chackmore Wannabes (+20)
Mon 26 Feb    NP Lagondas (+70)                                      v     MK Tornadoes
Tues 27 Feb   MK Tonkings (+20)                                        v    MK Musketeers
Mon 26 Feb    Mursley Hawks                                             v     MK Miracles (+250)

The cards and notes will be sent out tomorrow (Friday) but all team captains are requested to read the Challenge Cup Rules before their matches to be clear on the procedures for the K.O stages. These can be found on Page 11 of the Handbook and also under the information header on this page, then the Rules sub header. 
May I wish everyone the best of luck for their matches and trust that we will get some exciting and close results.