Published 13/04/2017 at 11:44:57 by Brian Nicholson.

Hi all
A busy week for finals and the end of season competitions with both the Challenge Cup Final and the Top 8 Competitions taking place at the Kingston Centre.
Tuesday saw the Challenge Cup final with Padbury Night Owls playing OU Penguins and the latter having a 50 points start but without their strongest player (Steven Sun) who was away on holiday.
The match started with a strong win for Ian Warner of Padbury who clawed back thirty three points straight away and this became the difference (up and down a little) until the eighth game when Penguins led by fifteen points. Then Ian and John Osborn took over and although both first legs were relatively close, they both pulled away in the second legs to win by fifteen and fourteen points respectively. This meant that the final result was a winning margin of thirty seven points to the Night Owls.
A very hard fought match and congratulations to all players and it was just that final push that took Padbury over the line.
Padbury had been playing up from Division 7, 'ageless' Arthur Cox in the Cup matches following the loss of their third player earlier in the season. He told us that this was the first trophy that he had actually won in all of his time in the league so it just goes to show that you are never too old!