New TTE League Management System

Published 30/06/2019 at 00:23:57 by Michael Howard.

The new league management system commissioned by Table Tennis England will go *live* on 8 July. This will be used by those leagues who have not signed up to continue to use tt365 by the end of July, after which it may aapparently not be possible to re-commit to tt365. Some leagues may decide to use both systems. This will not affect us here in MK as we have our own fantastic website developed by Chris Welch.

I recall previous comments about the MK website, bemoaning the fact that match results from MK league could not be incorporated into the rankings system developed by tt365. That ranking system will now be diluted as leagues withdraw from tt365 andonly  use the the new TTE supported system. I understand that it is ingended in due course to include a ranking list within the new system. This may only be relevant to players who play regularly in both MK and other leagues. It occurs to me that someof our players who also play inother leagues might welcome the ooprtunity for their MK results to be incorporated into such a ranking system. With that in mind, I wonder if anyone would be interested in becoming the nominated adminstrator for the purposes of the new system as a co-opted member of the MK League committee, perhaps initially entering results for Premier and  division 1 matches. If anyone is interested, please contact me.