Barbara Peters - an all-time 'classic'

Published 01/10/2017 at 12:22:08 by David Wackrill; edited 1 times, last on 01/10/2017 at 13:22:57 by David Wackrill.

Not breaking news but a timely tribute to a little lady I first met some time ago now

I know all our ladies are special, nevertheless there is one that will always be a bit more special to me.


52 years ago this month I walked through the doors of the Watford YMCA, then the hub of table tennis in the town, for the first time. Following the unmistakable 'ping pong' sound I found my way to the main hall where I set eyes on Barbara Peters. I knew the name of course, everyone did, and recognised her from photos in the local press. Despite her tender years she was already famous, Watford's golden girl and Hertfordshire's rising star. Barbara had a flashing forehand as silky smooth as any in the League and a bubbling personality to match. Hard to imagine that over half a century has passed since that day. My friendship with Barbara is my longest surviving one in table tennis and it is so fitting that she should currently be playing for a team called 'Classics'. 

Dave Wackrill